2015 Project Graduation  

School Event
Friday, June 5 at 11:00pm by Carroll Senior HS - Project Graduation

Project Graduation: Friday June 5, 2015 at Main Event, Grapevine TX Arrival time: 11:00pm-12:15am (no admittance after 12:15am) End Time: 5:00am (parents will be notified if a student departs before 5:00am) - No one will be issued a ticket or allowed entry WITHOUT the completed Commitment Contract and Release Form. - Admission into the celebration will require Photo ID for students. No exceptions! All seniors will arrive at Main Event no earlier than 11:00 PM and no later than 12:15 AM. - Students will come to the event free of any drugs, alcohol or tobacco products and will not be admitted if it is suspected the student has already consumed drugs or alcohol. The use of any of these products during the celebration will result in immediate removal and a phone call will be made to the student’s parent/guardian. Parent or guardian designated on the form below will be called to pick up any graduate who does not comply with the drug and alcohol policy. Local Police officers will be on site to deal with inappropriate behavior or violations of the law. - Once at Project Graduation, all students are encouraged to stay for the duration of the party. If a student chooses to leave prior to 5:00 AM a parent or guardian must be notified of the student’s early departure. We must verbally confirm you are aware of their departure, so please ensure your emergency phone number is accurate or they will not be able to leave. If released, graduates will not be allowed to re-enter Main Event. - In case of illness, parents will be notified and transportation will be arranged accordingly. - Students must attend the full duration of the event to be eligible for prizes. Photo ID required for prize pick-up. - Students will respect the event site and not engage in inappropriate behavior or cause malicious damage. - Appropriate clothes must be worn. Clothing with pockets is suggested. Shirts and shoes are required. - Smoking will not be permitted. - Please be advised that for all activities –> PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. The student and the parents or guardians of students participating in Project Graduation will not hold Carroll Senior High School PTO, Carroll Senior High School, Carroll Independent School District or any individual Project Graduation committee member or volunteer responsible for any accident or injury during the party, nor for those students who leave early or who buy tickets and do not attend the party. *** Please print the form you receive with your tickets***

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Carroll Senior HS - Project Graduation

Main Event
Grapevine, 76051

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